February 25, 2014 Rabbi Laurie Coskey Interfaith Center for Worker Justice

Rabbi Laurie heads up the
(ICWJ) for San bod_CoskeyDiego County.
ICWJ fights for just wages for low wage, fast food workers. 
She is inspiring and you will be moved by her presentation!
The ICWJ represents clergy, churches, mosques, synagogues, faith and justice organizations, and people of faith around San Diego who, called by their respective religious traditions, work for justice and stand up for the poor and marginalized. In partnership with low-wage workers, ICWJ brings visibility to the struggle of hard working individuals and working families trying to make ends meet in San Diego County through campaigns in the workplace, with policy makers, and around critical issues such as living wage policies, immigration and affordable housing. Rabbi Laurie also led the reflection for IWJ national’s action at 2011 National Conference in Chicago.
Rabbi Laurie also serves as a board member of the San Diego Convention Center.

January 28, 2014 Kami Olsson – Director of the GO Team

Uptown Democratic Club
January Program
Tuesday, January 28
Location: Joyce Beers Community Room, Hillcrest
7pm – Social – 7:30 Program
Kami Olsson – Director of the GO Team
Kami Olsson, San Diego County Democratic Party’s Director of Grassroots Organizing will fill us in on what the GO Team is doing for the Mayoral Run-off, the Primary and the General Elections. The GO Team’s proven methods increases turnout by an average of 14% and encourages people to vote for all races on the ballot. GO Team is always looking for new volunteers to help with voter contact, data entry, and team leadership. GO Team and Clubs are a natural match; it increases membership and strengthens our Democratic communities. That’s how Democrats win – with an outreach operation that works block-by-block, door-by-door, person-to-person!

Congratulations to the Newly-Elected Uptown Democratic Club Officers!

President Sharon Keith 619-296-2874 sharonkeith57@gmail.com

Vice President Howard G. Singer  Land: 858.454.2628  Mobile: 619.980.4586  hgslajolla@gmail.com

Treasurer John Hartley  619-299-8870  hartley2k@aol.com

Secretary D. Jacobs 619-261-7214 darlene.jacobs@att.net

(All Elected at the Uptown Democratic Club Holiday Party Dec 14, 2013!)

Meet the Candidates for Uptown Club Offices Nov 26, 2013, 7PM

We have grown as a club this year and some of our new members have taken the next step and are running for club office.

In advance of receiving your mail ballot this is your chance to hear the candidates and ask them questions.  The club will also explain how the instant run-off will be used in the election for vice president.

From the Club’s Bylaws: ARTICLE IV, Elections of Officers.

Section 4.02 Annual Elections. Election shall be by majority of votes cast, a run-off election shall be held between those two persons receiving the greatest number of votes (if there are more than 2 candidates for an office), and the person who subsequently receives a majority of votes cast shall be declared elected.

Thus, if no candidate for VP receives a majority when the ballots are first counted AND your favorite candidate does not make it into the top-two runoff, then the vote for your second choice listed on your ballot will be counted in the run-off. (There are three candidates, so if your favorite candidate is not in the top two, then your second choice will be.)

Uptown Democratic Club Holiday Party Dec 14, 2013



3 – 6 PM.  Potluck.  Additionally, the club provides nourishment with the cost partially recovered by the donations listed below:

$10 Regular Members,

$5 Seniors.

Contact Uptowndems@gmail.com for location.  RSVP to this email address.

Also at the Holiday Party:

Election of Officers for 2014: President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The club will send ballots to club members after the next club executive board meeting of November 9.  Ballots returned by mail are due in the club’s PO Box by December 13.  Members may vote in person at the Holiday Party.