July Virtual Meeting – July 28 – Our Local Economy in Times of Covid-19

Please join us on zoom for our July 28 meeting. Our guests include :

Dr Alan Gin, Associate Professor, Economics USD

Benjamin Nicholls, Executive Director of the Hillcrest Business Association

Moe Girton, manager at Mo’s Universe/Gossip Grill restaurants

Please join us for a discussion as to what Covid-19 has meant to our local economy.

Virtual Happy Hour starts at 6:30 p.m., Meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. and ends approximately 8:30. Message us for the zoom link! The pubic is welcome to attend


January 28 Program- “The Impeachment of Donald Trump”

Dr. Casey Dominquez, Associate Professor of Political Science at University of San Diego will be our guest speaker. Dr. Dominquez researches and teaches about Congressional elections, political parties, campaign finance, and the presidency. Last semester, she aired the impeachment hearings in class to illuminate how the Constitution works.  She will enlighten us about the impeachment process and in particular, the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Social 6:30 p.m., Program begins 7:00 p.m.

Tuesday October 25, 2016: Club Officer Elections + Pro-Con on Prop C for “Chargers” + City Propositions.

At our September 27 club meeting, a nominating committee was appointed by

President Howard Singer and ratified by the club.

The nominating committee recommendations will be presented to the club

at the October 25, 2016 club meeting. Nominations may be taken from the floor.

New Club Officers Elected:

President John Hartley

Vice President Raphael Doelker

Secretary Debra Storch

Treasurer Howard Singer

The new officers take over at the Holiday Party, else, if none, Jan 1, 2017.

Speaker for both the “Pro” and “Con” positions on Proposition C for “Chargers” have been invited. This Prop increases the Hotel Tax (“TOT” = “Transient Occupancy Tax”) to pay for a stadium and convention center expansion.  The speakers are:

Mr. Dan McClellan, Spokesperson
“Yes on C”

Mr. Haney Hong, Spokesperson
“No on C”
President, San Diego County Taxpayers Association

After the debate, President Howard Singer took a straw poll of club members on Prop C:

Yes: 2 votes, No: 12 votes.

Club Member and former state assemblyman Howard Wayne has agreed to speak on selected Propositions, and particularly city props K & L.

When & Where: Tuesday, October 25, 2016 7 PM, 6:30 PM Social & Networking & Sign-In Period.

Joyce Beers Community Center, 1220 Cleveland Ave, San Diego 92103 (In the Ralphs-Trader Joe’s Shopping Center, Hillcrest).

Tuesday September 27, 2016: League of Women Voters’ President Jeanne Brown on Ballot Measures.

Jeanne Brown, President of the League of Women Voters, will speak on the ballot measures on the November 8, 2016 ballot for California and San Diego, both county and city.  There will be a “Powerpoint” presentation.

6:30 PM Social Half Hour.

7:00 PM Meeting starts.

Joyce Beers Community Center,
1220 Cleveland Ave, San Diego 92103

In the Ralphs, Trader Joe’s Shopping Center between Panera and Mediterranean Grill restaurants.


CALIFORNIA SECRETARY OF STATE WEB SITE Qualified Statewide Ballot Measures

Ballotpedia The Encyclopedia of American Politics ancillary information

Ms. Brown gave a great summary of the ballot initiatives, both state and local,

with her Powerpoint presentation. Her Powerpoint slides are here:

Local Propositions (San Diego).

State Propositions (California).

State Propositions Organized by Category.

LWV state ballot recommendations. Link to their website.

LWV newsletter.

Sierra Club and Labor Council ballot recommendations.