Soccer City- Yes or No?


soccer citySan Diego Voters Will Decide in Nov!!

We will have a lively debate between  leaders of Soccer City San Diego and No on SoccerCity.

Nick Stone is the Project Manager for SoccerCity San Diego, the initiative aiming to bring a state of the art multi-use stadium, a world class river park, and a Major League Soccer team to San Diego, all without a penny of taxpayer dollars. He has been involved with numerous other projects with FS Investors and is a graduate of Harvard and Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Joe LaCava is a Democratic Party activist and prominent advocate of community participation in the city’s planning process. He is the former chair of the San Diego Community Planners Committee, the umbrella organization to the city’s 42 community planning groups. He currently serves on the eBoards for the Democrats for Environmental Action and Citizens Coordinate for Century 3 (C-3). Joe is a member of several Democratic clubs, has been appointed to several city boards, and sits on several coalitions focusing on housing and transit. Joe is the spokesperson for the No on Soccer City Coalition.

Be sure and join us July 24! Social 6:30, Program 7:00.


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