The San Diego Climate Mobilization Campaign

nancyanddereckScripps Institute of Oceanography, San Diego, has stated that human extinction is possible by 2050.  What can be done to save us?  Come hear Derek and Nancy Casady, organizers for The San Diego Climate Mobilization Coalition,  talk about the solution to climate change and global warming.

We need action more than ever because the current federal government’s policies of dismantling climate regulations that were put forth by previous administrations contradict what science tells us.

Nancy is the former general manager of Ocean Beach People’s Organic Food Co-op, a business owned by 14,000 consumers and Derek is a former editor of Psychology Today magazine and president of the La Jolla Democratic Club.

February 27 at Joyce Beers Community Center,  6:30 P.M. social, 7:00 P.M. program


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