Tuesday August 23, 2016 Imam Taha Hassane Director of Public/Interfaith Relations & Youth Program, Islamic Center of San Diego.




Sh. Taha Hassane

Imam/Director of Public/Interfaith Relations & Youth Program, ICSD


Imam Taha Hassane is currently serving as the Imam/Director of the Islamic Center of San Diego. He joined ICSD in September 2004 from the Colorado Muslim Youth Foundation where he served as a youth instructor. Imam Taha graduated from Institute of Islamic Sciences at the University of Algiers, Algeria, and served as a high school teacher and Imam in Tenes, Algeria for ten years before coming to the United States.
Imam Taha also holds a Master degree of theology in Islamic studies from the Graduate Theological Foundation in South Bend, Indiana.

In addition to his regular duties at ICSD, Imam Taha is a:

Religious adviser of the Muslim Students Association at UCSD.
Board member of the Interfaith committee for worker Justice of San Diego County.
Board member of the Interfaith Worker Justice, based in Chicago, IL.
Member of the west coast Muslim-Catholic dialogue.
Member of the advisory Board of the San Diego Police Department and the Interfaith Advisory Board of the San Diego District Attorney.
Member of the CAIR California Executive Committee.
Volunteer Chaplin at San Diego prisons & hospitals.

Link to ICSD website:

When & Where: Tuesday, August 23, 2016 7 PM, 6:30 PM Social & Networking & Sign-In Period.

Joyce Beers Community Center, 1220 Cleveland Ave, San Diego 92103 (In the Ralphs-Trader Joe’s Shopping Center, Hillcrest).


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