Uptown Democratic Club Endorses Rafael Castellanos for City Attorney 9/22/15

The Uptown Democratic Club Endorsed Rafael Castellanos for City Attorney on the second ballotRafaelCastellanos400x400 at its monthly meeting on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 after a spirited debate among all three Democratic Candidates moderated by Dr. Carl Luna, a popular local Community College Professor. The final vote was

Rafael Castellanos 18  64%
Gil Cabrera              9  32%
No Endorsement       1  4%

No candidate or ‘No Endorsement’ received the required 60% threshold on the first ballot, so as per the club bylaws, a second ballot was conducted after dropping the least-vote-getting candidate, Mara Elliott, from the candidates eligible for the endorsement.

From Uptown Democratic Club Bylaws IX.2:
• A 60 percent vote at a properly noticed meeting at which a quorum is present is
required to receive the Club’s endorsement, to rate a candidate acceptable or
unacceptable, or to take a position on a ballot measure.
• If no candidate receives the required 60 percent vote for endorsement, subsequent
ballots shall be taken deleting the candidate receiving the least number of votes
and those receiving no votes on the previous ballot. All candidates tied for the least
number of votes shall be deleted from subsequent ballots even if that results in the Club’s
taking a “no endorsement” position, in which case, the candidates may be rated.

The first ballot results:

Rafael Castellanos 14  47%
Gil Cabrera            12  40%
Mara Elliot               2   7%
No Endorsement     2   7%

From Our Bylaws: ARTICLE IX Endorsements, Section 1:
D. Endorsements by the Club shall not be construed as the official endorsement of either the California Democratic Party (CDP) or the San Diego County Democratic Party. Words to that effect shall be clearly visible wherever the club’s endorsement is referred to.
E. Any publication of endorsements by the club shall clearly delineate between endorsed candidates and candidates rated acceptable.


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