Uptown Democratic Club Endorses Barbara Bry for SD City Council District 1 and Todd Gloria for State Assembly District 78 at January 26, 2016 Meeting.

The Uptown Democratic Club is pleased to announce our endorsements of Barbara Bry for San Diego City Council District 1 and Todd Gloria for State Assembly District 78 at our January 26, 2016 regular monthly meeting.

Vote counts:

Bry 22, No Endorsement 0.

Gloria 21, No Endorsement 1.

Roughly 30 people attended the meeting, including two new members and one new-old member, all of whose voting rights in club voting matters start 28 days after this meeting at which they joined/rejoined.

Club ByLaws require a secret ballot for voting even when there is only one Democratic candidate in a given race, as was the case at this meeting, in order to allow for the “No Endorsement” option.

Footnotes: The votes counted out loud in the Bry endorsement were 21-0 but the actual count is 22-0 because I (Senda – Secretary) was so busy collecting & counting ballots that I forgot to cast my personal ballot. An audience member pointed out the disparity  in the numbers of votes cast between the two endorsement votes and I corrected the error by casting my personal ballot and correcting the count in the notes for the minutes.

Gerry Senda

Club Secretary, Jan 27, 2016.


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