Uptown Democratic Club Endorses State Senator Marty Block for Re-Election to Senate District 39

At the October 27, 2015 Endorsement Meeting the Uptown Democratic Club Endorsed Incumbent Senator Marty Block for Re-Election to SD39 on the second ballot.

The vote on Ballot One was:

Toni Atkins    17   40.5%
Marty Block    25   59.5%
No Endorsement 0     0.0%

Club Bylaws require 60% for either a candidate or “No Endorsement” to receive the endorsement. The Bylaws further prescribe that when there is more than one candidate and neither a candidate nor “No Endorsement” receives 60% that a second ballot be taken, dropping the least-vote-getting candidate.
“No Endorsement” will always be a choice on the ballot.
As the least-vote-getting candidate, Toni Atkins dropped off of the second ballot.
Being that it is not practical to print each combination of ballots that would anticipate either candidate’s dropping off the second ballot, the second ballot was identical to the first ballot
but for being labeled “Ballot Two” rather than “Ballot One”. Thus, voters had to simply remember that Ms. Atkins’ name was dropped from Ballot Two.
The choices on the second ballot were thus Marty Block and No Endorsement.

The vote on Ballot Two was:

Marty Block    26   63.4%
No Endorsement 15   36.6%

Discussions during the casting of the vote during this particular meeting predicted that all of Ms. Atkins’ votes would switch to “No Endorsement” leaving Senator Block at 59.5% of the vote on the second ballot, but analysis indicates that one vote switched from Atkins to Block and there was one spoiled ballot. The spoiled ballot was cast for Ms. Atkins, who was not on the second ballot.  Analysis also indicates that it is not the spoiled ballot that allowed Senator Block to go over 60% because each ballot is worth 100 / 42 = 2.4% and 63.4% – 2.4% = 61%.  It was the one vote that switched from Atkins to Block that put Senator Block over the threshold because 59.5% + 2.4% = 61.9%.


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