Tuesday, 9/23/14 Toby Roy SDC Water Resources Manager + Anne Hoiberg violence against women + Club Officer Nominations. 7 PM.

Subject: SDCWA Presentation to Uptown Democratic Club

Hi Bill,
Water Resources Manager Toby Roy will be your speaker for your meeting next Tuesday, 9/23. She is prepared to discuss the drought, Bay-Delta, water bond and the Salton Sea.
Craig Balben
Public Affairs Representative
San Diego County Water Authority
4677 Overland Avenue
San Diego, California 92123

Also, Anne Hoiberg will be adressing us on the issue of violence against women.

Also, Club Member Nominees will be taken for club officer elections to be held at October meeting.

Volunteers so far: VP Howard Singer, consideration for President,

Notice that the club voted at our last meeting of 8-25-14 to change the start time of club meetings to 7 PM (from 7:30 PM) and to change the Social/Networking 1/2 hour to 6:30 PM (from 7 PM).


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