Meet the Candidates for Uptown Club Offices Nov 26, 2013, 7PM

We have grown as a club this year and some of our new members have taken the next step and are running for club office.

In advance of receiving your mail ballot this is your chance to hear the candidates and ask them questions.  The club will also explain how the instant run-off will be used in the election for vice president.

From the Club’s Bylaws: ARTICLE IV, Elections of Officers.

Section 4.02 Annual Elections. Election shall be by majority of votes cast, a run-off election shall be held between those two persons receiving the greatest number of votes (if there are more than 2 candidates for an office), and the person who subsequently receives a majority of votes cast shall be declared elected.

Thus, if no candidate for VP receives a majority when the ballots are first counted AND your favorite candidate does not make it into the top-two runoff, then the vote for your second choice listed on your ballot will be counted in the run-off. (There are three candidates, so if your favorite candidate is not in the top two, then your second choice will be.)


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