Uptown Democratic Club Endorses David Alvarez for Mayor

At our October 22, 2013 Endorsement Meeting, the Uptown Democratic Club endorsed David Alvarez for Mayor.  Congratulations to Mr. Alvarez and thanks to the candidates for appearing at our forum.

There were roughly 36 to 40 people in attendance and 28 club members voting.

The voting took three rounds to resolve into a consensus:

(Candidates listed in numerical order by number of votes per round):

Round 1
David Alvarez     13 50%
Mike Aguirre      10 38%
Nathan Fletcher   2 8%
No Endorsement 1 4%
Total Votes          26

Round 2
David Alvarez    15 56%
Mike Aguirre     11 41%
No Endorsement 1 4%
Total Votes          27

Round 3
David Alvarez     18 64%
No Endorsement 10 36%
Total Votes           28

Rules Concerning Endorsements.
A position on a candidate requires a sixty percent (60%) vote of the club members. Members always have the option of voting “No Endorsement.”
If no candidate receives sixty percent (60%), subsequent ballots shall be taken after deleting all candidates receiving zero votes and the candidate receiving the least non-zero votes. In the case of a tie for least non-zero votes, all candidates receiving that least number of non-zero votes shall be deleted from the subsequent ballot.


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